The rights of Resident Researchers of IEA Litoral are:

• Use the facilities, infrastructure and assets of IEA Litoral for the development of their research tasks. • Benefit from a support service for research and bibliography.

• Have an office for the development of their tasks.

• In the case of resident group researchers, have a budget for the development of the proposed activities.

• Benefit from accommodation provided by IEA Litoral during the period of stay in the city of Santa Fe.

• Enjoy coverage of travel costs to and from their place of origin.

• In the case of stays of 6 months or more, the resident researcher may be absent for a maximum period of fifteen days with the authorization of the Scientific

Director of IEA Litoral. The obligations of the resident researchers of the IEA Litoral are:

• Adjust to compliance with current regulations for UNL staff and researchers to the extent they are applicable.

• Permanently reside in the city of Santa Fe during the period of your stay at IEA Litoral.

• Dictate at least one seminar in the cycle of weekly seminars of IEA Litoral.

• Participate in a lunch and a weekly dinner organized by IEA Litoral.

• Collaborate in the organization and participate in scientific and institutional events organized by IEA Litoral.

• Mention your membership in IEA Litoral in publications and participations in academic-scientific, dissemination or transfer events.

• Provide in a timely manner all information required by the IEA Litoral Scientific Director as well as comply with the final reports required by IEA Litoral.

• Comply with the internal operating regulations of the IEA Litoral.