The Institute for Advanced Studies of Litoral (IAS Litoral) was created to promote interdisciplinary dialogue on major contemporary problems, through a strong commitment to the internationalization of research, by the creation of research networks and the exchange of researchers from different geographies and cultures.

IAS Litoral is an University Based Institute for advanced studies that has a vocation of openness to the community from Santa Fe which is reflected in its interest in global problems, with a strong local impact, its attention to the improvement of conditions of local life and for contributing to medium and long-term reflexion at a local and regional level.

It is created with the firm will to build a multicultural, intellectual and cosmopolitan community, of academic excellence, which favors dialogue, conversation and exchange with open boundaries.

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Webinars: repercussions of COVID-19 pandemic

The IEA Litoral, as an interdisciplinary space of the UNL with a strong international vocation and focused on long-term thinking, intends to bring together the reflections that are being made on COVID-19, the global crisis and post-COVID-19 of renowned intellectuals and international experts from different geographies, cultural traditions and disciplinary fields.

During 2020 a Cycle of virtual conferences is held with a focus on the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and on “long-term thinking”, as indicated by the IEA motto.

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Virtual conference: Carlos Pérez Llana

Virtual conference: Elkin Velásquez

Virtual conference: Jesús Santamaría

Virtual conference: Baptiste Monsaingeon