Individual resident researchers and research groups should apply for a call for an open annual international competition for the selection of resident researchers. A group of individual and group resident researchers will be selected annually through the established criteria, processes and timeline (Annex II). The IEA Litoral will open an annual international call for applications contest in the month of March and will end in the month of June of each year. The results of the calls will be announced in November (see Schedule in Annex II). The annual international call for submission of applications as well as the presentations of applicants will be made online on the IEA Litoral website. Selection criteria The selection criteria are divided into collective and individual. The individual criteria will be used by the peer evaluators when issuing their opinion and by the Scientific Council of the IEALitoral. The selection criteria of the proposals will be:

(a) excellence of the proposal;

(b) creativity and innovation;

(c) level of openness towards the disciplinary dialogue;

(d) possibilities for medium and long-term interaction with researchers and local research groups and local institutions. In the selection process with collective criteria, special attention will be paid to: the possibilities of coupling and interaction between individual resident researchers -even those of the “free subjects” – with resident group researchers and with the community and local research; and the regional composition of each cohort of resident researchers, which should be balanced between researchers from the UNL and from Argentina and foreigners and from residents of the southern hemisphere, particularly from South America and the northern hemisphere. The selection of resident researchers will be carried out by the IEA LITORAL Scientific Council, which will issue an individual opinion on each candidacy, establishing (a) a list of the candidates that it recommends retaining, with an order of priority, dividing the individual resident researchers into the two categories and the group candidacies, assigning a final score to each candidate (from 1 to 100 points) and (b) a waiting list of two alternate candidates for each of the categories of resident researchers. In the case of the candidatures of the group resident researchers, the Scientific Council of the IEA will appoint an interdisciplinary list of external evaluators drawn from the peer review bank of the IEA that will issue a well-founded opinion. In the evaluation process, in the case of the candidatures submitted by senior investigators of the UNL as leading researchers, the team of peer evaluators will be able to call the researcher for an interview. The result of this interview will be integrated and evaluated in the final evaluation report. The proposals will also be sent so that the IEA Social Council can comment on

(a) the relevance of the proposals with the triana theme / issue and

(b) the impact on the local and regional environment of each proposal. This opinion will be considered and valued by the Scientific Council. The opinion of the IEA Social Council will take the form of a well-founded opinion in which each of the proposals on the list of proposals to be retained will be considered individually.