The IEA Litoral opens calls to the world offering financing for the stay of researchers in Santa Fe, through a rigorous selection process based on the opinion of external peer reviewers and on the principle of excellence. The IEA LITORAL will summon the presentation of candidatures for senior residents, juniors and research groups. The first call will be to reside in 2020 and will open in April / May 2019 The selection of resident researchers takes place around annual thematic nuclei established by the IEA Litoral, which should be oriented to local needs and be highly sensitive to the local and regional agenda connected to global issues and issues. Resident researchers can come not only from foreign universities but also from UNL and other universities in Argentina; and can be individual residents or research groups. The periods of stay are divided into short-term stays (from two weeks to three months), normally scheduled for groups of resident researchers and long-term stays, ranging from three to nine months, generally used for individual resident researchers. There is an openness to all the disciplines and to different profiles of resident researchers, under the condition that the proposed research project and, where appropriate, the composition of the research group, responds strongly to the vocation to generate a disciplinary dialogue. There is a preference for the dialogue of researchers from Latin America and the South-South dialogue.