In their applications candidates must propose a research problem; explain what is the interdisciplinary approach proposed; the state / s of the art in which the research is inserted; the possibilities of interaction with researchers or local institutions during the investigation; the reasons that motivated the selection of IEA Litoral to present a candidacy; the results; the significant local and regional impacts to which you can contribute.

The application must be accompanied by a series of documents that make up the application: two letters of recommendation (mandatory for junior resident researchers and optional for the rest of the categories); three published articles or books (in each case the criteria followed for the selection must be explained) in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese or Italian; an abstract of each article or book; a certified copy of the doctor’s or post-doc’s degree; a cv; a short biography.

Only candidatures that are absolutely complete by the closing date and time of the deadline established for the submission of applications will be considered.

The proposal must be inserted in the annual issues / problems that the IEA or in its case if it is a “Free” investigation.

A quota of 80% of the resident researchers will be chosen taking into account the priority issue / problem. The remaining 20% ​​of the resident researchers will be selected in “free topics”.